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PHA QUEST 1 | On Demand

PHA QUEST 1 | On Demand


155.00 CAD

PHA - QUEST 1: Policy and Procedure Evaluation Tool
This HIGH FIVE® QUEST 1 Tool is used to examine, measure, and evaluate the extent to which an organization's established policies, procedures, and systems promote and support the healthy aging of older adults.

Prerequisite: Principles of Healthy Aging

The following is required

Requirement Name
1 - PHA QUEST 1 Ondemand

  PHA QUEST 1.1 Introduction
  PHA QUEST 1.2 The Power of QUEST 1
  PHA QUEST 1.3 The QUEST 1 Guide and Tool
  PHA QUEST 1.4 Preparing to Conduct a QUEST 1
  PHA QUEST 1.5 Practice Using the QUEST 1 Tool
  PHA QUEST 1.6 Continuos Improvement
2 - Survey

PHA QUEST 1 requires the learner to take PHA as virtual or in-person training to complete the certification

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