HIGH FIVE® is a division of Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO). PRO is a non-profit association that advances the health, social, and environmental benefits of quality recreation and parks through evidence-based practices, resources, and collaborative partnerships.

PRO was formed in 1995 out of a shared belief in the power of parks and recreation to affect social change, recognizing the role parks and recreation play in the social, economic, and environmental health of Ontario. Equitable access to parks and recreational programs promotes health, strengthens communities, and supports environmental sustainability. 

With this in mind, PRO works with their 6,500 members to build capacity for the delivery of quality programs and advocate for the parks and recreation sector. Learn more.


Policy Leadership: PRO positively influences legislation and develops policy to enhance access to recreation and parks. 

Supporting Wellbeing: PRO supports the wellbeing of Ontarians by building capacity within the recreation sector.

Quality Standards: PRO supports the delivery of quality recreation program through quality standards and performance measurement.